About Us

Sloth Sauce is crafted by the master mixologist, Sir Sloth Saucington III esquire. After smoking for the better part of a decade and a half, burning down a pack and a half a day, Sloth decided it was time for a change. He tried gum, patches, and all the other wares; but alas, couldn't seem to quit. All of the cigarette alternatives were tried as well, in an effort to at least reduce the harm. He tried hookah and cigars. All of them had their merits, but nothing quite soothed the itch for a real cigarette.

Then, one day he came across a better way. 

Sir Saucington moved through the ranks of products from cig-a-like to mech; and along the way, realized that he needed a better juice solution. There were so many options, but nothing that matched his taste and budget perfectly. Some juices were delicious, but very expensive! Some juices were very cheap, but tasted of burnt squirrel and old mayonnaise. 

After months of experiments, testing and focus groups, Saucington felt he finally had created the perfect juice. Not too expensive, yet absolutely delicious! It was just right.

Sloth couldn't horde these amazing creations himself. He was aware of all of the other's out there who didn't know there was a better way to quit smoking, and to enjoy a quality vape. 

Sloth Sauce was born out of a labor of love for harm reduction and a search to discover the holy grail of juice. At long last, the search is over.

Sir Sloth Saucington III wants YOU to try out his sauce. He's pretty sure you'll love it; from the first drip to the last drop!