Years ago, we discovered a simple truth: not all Vegetable Glycerin is created equal. This began the search, which quite literally spanned the globe; before we stumbled upon the proverbial holy grail of VG. Certified Organic, sourced from deep in the exotic jungle, this naturally sweet VG outshines any other. Made exclusively from Organic Soybeans; GMO and irradiation free.

We decided to utilize our newly discovered Organic VG in tandem with Organic Nicotine; adding anything else, seemed sacrilegious. And thus, VGBEE was born.


  • Flavor free
  • Sweetener free
  • PG free
  • Alcohol free


After rigorous testing, we came to the realization that we had uncovered something truly special. Organic has never tasted so sweet. Don't take our word for it. Try a bottle and see for yourself.


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